A group of software developers with a burning passion for new horizons.

We want to help you make programs.

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What we do

we offer a healthy diet of server and client software, with a bit of setting up servers and design elegantly sprinked on top.

Software Creation

You have an idea, an online grocery store, some restaurant service, or a new social media.
We have the ability to make the server and client software that brings that idea to life.

Software Augmentation

You have a piece of software, server, client, mobile, desktop etc.. you need someone to make changes, fixes, optimizations, or you need help with said modifications.
We can help tune your software so that it fits your needs.

Server Software Setup

You have server software -made by us or someone else- and you don't like dealing with a linux server.
We can set your server up so that you're happy, your clients are happy, and the hackers are upset.

Why Us


  • We're familiar with software design and programming patterns.
  • In many cases we made our own systems and patterns to fit what we need.


  • We tell you the good and bad as it is.
  • Our estimates are accurate.
    • If something takes until next week, it is done next week.
    • Next week does not change after you pay.
    • If it somehow can't be done next week, we tell you before you tell everyone it will be done next week.
  • We want you to be happy before, while, and after providing the service, which can only be done if we're honest.


  • We're Engineers by Profession. And we love what we do.
  • We wake up excited for new adventures, Not dreading the next 10 hours every morning.
  • Our first priority is the product (well, the service in this case 😅). Everything else serves the quality of the product.
  • We care mainly about what we put in your hard drive, not what we take from your wallet.
    • We do not put our wealth ahead of how good our software needs to be.


A summary of the projects we were involved in, and twice as much text about how amazing our work was.


We were tasked with building a modern hotel guest app that connected to a custom REST API, our work involved the different screens the app had, in addition to revamping much of the code supporting those screens.


A hotel management app that took data from an API (what later became Forest) and display it in an elegant yet efficient way, the main focus with StatMaster was extreme modularity in every element of the screen + designing a clear interface for each module, making it extremely easy to add or remove modules (through code changing or using real-time).


A backend REST API written in python, the core supports users, user authentication (including access levels), database files, and a simple control panel. There have also been multiple extensions to support our different apps (such as hotel specific extensions for StatMaster or contact card specific ones for Kardit).


An app that allowed users to have and find virtual business cards, a user can enter their data and save it to the cloud, then another user can find that information and use it to contact them, the app offered several features such as card scanning instead of typing, and updating cards so your contacts don't call a number you no longer use.


An online grocery shopping and delivery app, we were contracted to debug and optimize the app, we added several new UI designs in addition to that, and we also added numerous animations to the app, and finally did slight work on the backend system.

This Server

Finally we made this, this website, the server, the issue tracker we use, our emails, etc.. We either made the software they use or set it up ourselves.